Wunderkind™ has deep and broad expertise across the marketing, media and entertainment ecosystem. Wunderkind™ develops new forms of engagement for its partners across disparate channels including print, digital magazines, OTA and linear TV.

Using AI, Wunderkind™ has built analysis tools for discovery and targeting of audience segments for brands and agencies that are defined by real-time analysis of social media interactions and brand-related image posts, shares and reactions.

Wunderkind™ also supports AdTech with AI driven algorithms to predict dynamic floor prices for available ad inventories.

In the world of music, Wunderkind™ team members have provided solutions for major recording artists like Shakira and developed a cloud-based auto-scaling audio processing platform that acquires, simultaneously processes and distributes thousands of audio tracks while continually optimizing computing costs with virtually no maintenance required.

Relevant workexamples

Messaging & Rewards

LeafBuyer engaged Wunderkind™ to build a proprietary email and SMS marketing messaging
and loyalty program platform to link dispensaries and their patrons (utilizing blockchain and other technologies). The platform currently supports millions of dispensary customers, hundreds of thousands of messaging campaigns, millions in dispensary purchases and many thousands of redeemed loyalty rewards

Social Commerce

Wunderkind™ built the Intelligent Audience Development platform for OneQube to enable brands to develop and monetize social audiences. The platforms utilized an AI powered database to build custom audiences for distribution via the blockchain to millions of targeted consumers. The corresponding Native Social Commerce functionality generated up to 20 times more customer sell-through than traditional ecommerce checkout flows.

Ad Message Gamification

React partnered with Wunderkind™ to build out the backend for their ‘Super Squares’ sponsored mobile quiz game app that gives players the opportunity to win cash and prizes by answering real-time questions about live sports events and the associated sponsor video spots that run during breaks. Key components include the Player Communication Platform, the Prize Fulfillment Platform, and the Sponsor / Advertiser Reporting Platform.

About Wunderkind

Based in New York, the Wunderkind™ team merges a startup mindset and focus with enterprise scale and acuity to quickly identify and solve the most complex business, technology, and product challenges.
Wunderkind™ provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation, for a diverse set of clients.

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