In order to ramp market share and dominance, rapidly scaling companies inevitably become active in the M&A realm. However, for these efforts to truly bear fruit, more than a cohesive strategic rationale and financial wherewithal are required. This is where the Wunderkind team can help.

Our Verification, Visualization, and Integration process is designed to help acquiring companies

1. Verification

Verify the value of the technical capabilities and understand the challenges of their prospective acquirees

2. Visualization

Visualize and conceptualize the most technically efficient and end-user friendly way to combine disparate functionalities and technologies, and

3. Integration

Perform a seamless integration worthy of mass market deployment.

Relevant work

Commerce / Interactive Marketing

Worked with on the integration of a third party marketing platform. The work included a technical presentation of the platform and preparation for penetration testing by Zappos.

Worked with Leafbuyer Technologies after its acquisition of Green Light, a mobile cannabis commerce platform. The work included full integration of Green Light into the Leafbuyer platform including refactoring of relevant components to connect with and extend capabilities of existing infrastructure.

Media / Telecom

Worked with a major North American telecom/tv network on the integration of an end-user facing third party gaming and marketing platform. The work included technical analysis and security assessments relating to all aspects of the proposed integration’s business objectives.


At the request of music super-star, Shakira, worked with Live Nation to integrate a third party charitable giving and consumer rewards platform into the checkout flow of the artist’s e-commerce store.

About Wunderkind

Based in New York, the Wunderkind™ team merges a startup mindset and focus with enterprise scale and acuity to quickly identify and solve the most complex business, technology, and product challenges.
Wunderkind™ provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation, for a diverse set of clients.

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