EHR data transformation

We extract patient data from leading EHRs such as eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, Epic System, Practice Fusion, etc. so that it can be rapidly put to work to support and enhance many aspects of your day-to-day operations.

1. Extract

We can extract patient data from virtually any system and transform it into common data standards. We can offer you custom tool-sets enabling the extraction of your locked-away EHR data, on-demand or ongoing in real-time.

2. Structure

We structure your data and transform it into clinical research or other searchable and queryable data repositories that are accessible to your existing frameworks and workflows.

3. Learn

We apply proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning techniques to coax out game-changing insights that make it possible to both increase efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

4. Infer & Implement

We deploy custom AI models to inform, facilitate and automate your day-to-day workflows.

Industry Challenges


EHR Platforms


EHRs per Hospital & Affiliates


EHR Vendors per Hospital & Affiliates


Providers That Use EHR Analytics

Tangible Benefits

We help you to lower TCO and discover actionable insights from your data

Data Preservation & Protection

Export data from legacy systems that lose vendor support or acquired practice EHRs to ensure compliance, security, and economies of scale [Note: Microsoft’s cessation of Windows 2008 support in January 2020 is a potent reason to commission a Wunderkind™ EHR data export].

Data Accessibility & Usability

Store normalized exported EHR data in accessible repositories in order to enable on-demand data lookups, and the development of deep-learning models.

AI: Optimization & Automation

Leverage AI-driven workflow optimizations to drive patient interactions such as registration, appointment notification, and procedure recommendations. For instance, automatically scheduling appointments with patients based on lab results.

About Wunderkind

Based in New York, the Wunderkind™ team merges a startup mindset and focus with enterprise scale and acuity to quickly identify and solve the most complex business, technology, and product challenges.
Wunderkind™ provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation, for a diverse set of clients.

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