We maintain deep and ongoing experience with Artificial Intelligence and other, related, emerging technologies. McKinsey & Company projects that AI has the potential to generate up to $5.8 trillion in value across multiple verticals, including Banking/Finance, CPG, Healthcare, High Tech, Media Entertainment, Retail, and Telecom; all areas in which Wunderkind has direct industry experience.

Our strategic application of AI and neural network deep learning approaches, is guided by our three step methodology

1. Integration

We integrate with your team to gain insight into your operational and strategic needs and potential.
This includes gaining an understanding of your business processes and challenges so we can provide you with actionable guidance on where technological solutions can deliver the best ROI. Together, we co-create innovative, tailor-made solutions to revolutionize your priority workflows and systems.

2. Conception

With a focus on delivering measurable value for your business, we leverage our expertise with the latest advances in AI such as deep, and reinforcement learning to conceive and design solutions that increase efficiency, speed and ROI. Core to this is identifying the operational areas that can benefit the most from the implementation of AI processes. High value functions include areas such as advanced analytics, object recognition in images, customer service management, dynamic demand pricing, fraud detection, pattern recognition, and predictive maintenance. The conception phase also includes assuring that sufficient data sets exist to drive reliable AI and that controls are implemented to prevent the unintended introduction of algorithmic biases.

3. Action

Our team’s expertise in providing high value AI-based solutions across multiple industry verticals ranges from HIPAA-compliant personalized medicine and computer aided diagnosis (Healthcare), analysis of brand image utilization across social media channels (eCommerce), dynamic floor pricing (advertising) to automated processing of regulatory filings for mutual funds (Finance). Wunderkind™ can work with you to deploy the AI-based automation of highly nuanced, yet rapidly repeatable, actions that act in full compliance with your needs and specifications

Relevant work


Developed an AI system that, amazingly, automatically creates original modern art! The AI analyzed myriad examples of quality modern art pieces and was trained to generate its own original art canvases. Screened by a panel of art experts, the most impactful AI-generated works were selected and sold to art collectors.


Created patent pending technology that brought comparative analysis to the visual web by generating universal product classifications and competitive benchmarks within specific verticals. Brand clients used these data to focus on which visual content maximized user engagement, increased sales and improved market planning.


Created a patent pending platform powered by AI to help the mutual fund industry automatically process regulatory filings.


Leveraged AI to automate the operations of a major medical bill- ing company. The application was implemented to automatically scan, upload, and audit medical claims, and report any discrep- ancies to designated auditors. The result was a 66% reduction in auditing costs while increasing the effective audited claim share from 10% to 100%. This amounted to an increase of 130% of the auditing team’s ROI.

About Wunderkind

Based in New York, the Wunderkind™ team merges a startup mindset and focus with enterprise scale and acuity to quickly identify and solve the most complex business, technology, and product challenges.
Wunderkind™ provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation, for a diverse set of clients.

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