Based in New York, the Wunderkind team merges a startup mindset and focus with enterprise scale and acuity to quickly identify and solve the most complex business, technology, and product challenges.

Wunderkind provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation, for a diverse set of clients.

You can trust our process revolving around Innovation, Immersion, and Impact

1. Innovation

To achieve and maintain market leadership, businesses need to be able to see around corners. Wunderkind™ creates near- and long-term strategies for clients to stay ahead of marketplace disruption. Through our work with early-stage innovators, we maintain ongoing hands-on experience with emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and 5G. This enables us to leverage them for your enterprise to create a truly valuable asset: Market-Leading Performance.

2. Immersion

Our consultants and engineers are collaborative, personable, and entrepreneurial. We integrate with your team to gain deep insight into your operational and strategic potential. Then we co-create innovative tailor-made, solutions to achieve your objectives.

3. Impact

Your Bottom Line, Is Our Bottom Line: Throughout our combined years of working with both entrepreneurial ventures and Fortune 500 firms, we have established a proven process to identify inefficiencies and increase business value. We know what counts: Providing your company with the ability, and the agility to adapt, lead markets, and consistently outperform expectations.


What Our Clients Say

service areas


For commerce and retail ventures of all types, valuable repeat business is achieved through understanding customers’ preferences and achieving positive engagement. Our social analytics and Business Intelligence expertise enable us to answer questions like ‘Which competitive brands are dominating social media conversations with 25-34 females?’ For instance, we use AI, machine learning and image recognition to analyze millions of social media posts and distill otherwise unavailable insights.

Data Driven Marketing & Media

Wunderkind™ has deep and broad expertise across the marketing, media and entertainment ecosystem.  Wunderkind™ develops new forms of engagement for its partners across disparate channels including print, digital magazines, OTA and linear TV.  Using AI, Wunderkind™ has built analysis tools for discovery and targeting of audience segments for brands and agencies that are defined by real-time analysis of social media interactions. Wunderkind™  also supports AdTech with AI driven algorithms to predict dynamic floor prices for available ad inventories.  In the world of music, Wunderkind™ team members have provided solutions for major recording artists like Shakira and developed cloud-based auto-scaling audio processing platform that acquires, processes and distributes thousands of audio tracks while continually optimizing computing costs with virtually no maintenance required.

Digital Transformation & AI

Wunderkind™ maintains deep and ongoing experience with Artificial Intelligence and other, related, emerging technologies. McKinsey & Company projects that AI has the potential to generate up to $5.8 trillion in value across multiple verticals, including Banking/Finance, CPG, Healthcare, High Tech, Media Entertainment, Retail, and Telecom; all areas in which Wunderkind™ has direct industry experience.


Our expertise in Healthcare covers a variety of facets including building systems for Medical Imaging and Knowledge Management, Genetic Dataset Management, blockchain-based EHR solutions, assistance with FDA compliance, ISO 13485 certification for medical devices, real-time extraction and utilization of critical EHR data.


Our solutions enable our clients to manage oceans of financial data, allowing intelligent, fast, and reliable extraction of metrics and insights to ultimately drive critical financial decisions.

We rely on state of the art Data Science and Real-Time Stream Processing techniques to give our clients an edge in a very competitive space.

M&A Support

Wunderkind™ works with business acquirers to 1) Verify the value of the technical capabilities and understand the challenges of their prospective acquirees, 2) Visualize and conceptualize the most technically efficient and end-user friendly way to combine disparate functionalities and technologies, and 3) Perform a seamless integration worthy of mass market deployment.

Our agile approach to cutting edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence maximizes our clients’ ROI.

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